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    been going to chiro for years. its the only thing that works for my moms fibro and its seriously the most relaxing thing for me. i'm bummed that my health care doesn't cover it anymore :/ i'm glad you liked it so much and it went so well!!

    Aw that sucks ): I really liked it! I was nervous at first. But I’m glad I went :D

    So I went to the chiropractor.

    And it was the best fucking thing to happen to my life.

    He was so helpful/kind/friendly. He had me do some very mild stretches to see how well I move. Turns out, I do not move well at all. I always thought my flexibility was normal for someone who is fairly inactive. But my flexibility is far less than average. But after he manipulated/adjusted (cracked) my back and neck, I moved SO much better. It was almost unbelievable.
    Then they did this thing called electrical stimulation. Basically they put the things on (can’t think of what they’re called HA!) They put four on, one on the top left of my back, one on the top right, one on the bottom left, one on the bottom right. Then they place a giant heating pad on top (which got warm so quick, and was so comfortable). Next they turn up the electrical impulses until they’re strong, yet comfortable. Then you basically just lay there and relax. 
    Then they just rubbed me down with Bio-Freeze, and gave me a sheet of exercises.

    I go back Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to see how everything is going.


    Has anyone else tried chiropractic treatment for fibro or any other chronic pain?

                                          Tell me about it (:

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    what part of your back hurts? my PT gave me a list with diagrams of different stretches to do for mine.

    like the middle-ish of my back.

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    maybe a heating pad, or a bath might help?I don't have back spasms but I have a bad back, and doing that helps sometimes. or maybe a cold pack if heat doesn't help. I usually alternate. Worth a shot atleast, right? :/

    Thank you (: I’ve been keeping heat on it all night/day. It’s helping a bit, but as soon as I take the heat off it starts spasming again :/

    Thank you!


    Any good ideas to help back spasms?!

    Of course they started up after it’s too late at night for my muscle relaxers.

    I’m in a lot of pain tonight, and I’m exhausted, per usual.

    And for once I am actually READY FOR SLEEP! Which I am kind of excited about. It feels amazing to be getting ready to go to sleep at 11pm instead of 3am. But unfortunately I have knots like golf backs in my shoulder, and my whole back is spasming.

    Making the picture for the one Fibro Problems submission I got tonight! Send in some more please (:

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    I think that is a very lovely and generous idea you have.

    thank you so much! I think I’m definitely going to do it. Maybe in two weeks or so. :D